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12th August 2006

m_maedel7:12pm: i made fresh pesto for dinner tonight. the basil came from my favourite greengrocers, and the rest (pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, and parmesan) probably from tescos, but when i chopped them all together, and further pureeed...it was so good! i served it atop linguine. and with a salad of rocket, pears, red onion, and some more parmesan, with a honey-mustar vinaigrette. i am sated and happy now.

10th August 2006

girl_in_winter4:23pm: Tasty salad for lunch
This would also be lovely with a red wine vinegar dressing....

4 TBS left over basmati rice
1 red pepper, chopped
3 inch piece of cucumber, chopped
2 slices of thick ham, chopped
1 delicious peach, chopped
salt and pepper

I have some frozen coley (white fish fillets) in- any idea how I could do them for tea? i was thinking baking them in the oven with tomatos and peppers.

20th November 2005

boyzici6:22pm: I have just had delicious bangers and mash. I haven't cooked this in ages and suddenly had a craving for it today. I had pork and leek sausages and made the mash with lots of butter and nutmeg. The gravy is onion and mushrooms mixed in with some bisto.

It was delicious though I made a little too much.

14th October 2005

boyzici10:00am: A friend cooked up spaghetti carbonara the other night so I thought I'd duplicate it. I used bacon, mushrooms, onion, creme fraiche and tagliatelli. It came out pretty good but there is room for improvement. Do people think cheese or garlic would make it better?

Anyhow, Spag Carb was supper yesterday.

4th October 2005

chatnoire6:43pm: tonights dinner and tomorrow's lunch...
THis is a cheap and easy dish I made tonight -

Drizzle olive oil and a pat of butter in a pot, melt over medium heat.
Add diced onion and garlic, sautee till onion is translucent.
Add some lentils (half a bag?) and sautee for 1 minute.

Add 8 oz vegetable broth and 1 can diced tomatoes, sprinkle with red pepper, salt, pepper, herbes de provence, and simmer covered over low heat till lentils are tender.

Serve with chunks of feta cheese.


28th September 2005

zaftigvegan8:53pm: hey today was an excellent food day. i didn't have any breakfast though - just coffee. but i was so busy! oh no, wait, i had a banana first thing.

anyway for lunch we went to one of my favourite restaurants and i ordered this giant spinach salad - seriously it was about five cups of fresh baby spinach, mixed with a toasted sesame dressing (tahini-based, i think), and lots of sesame seeds, and some beautifully tender chickpeas. i also shared a plate of this yam dip stuff. it's creamy and garlicky and slightly sweet and roasted-tasting, served with multi-coloured corn chips and some kind of hot, toasty flat bread for the rip-n-dip.

for dinner i made up these awesome tofu quiches. stuffed with zucchini, big hunks of mushroom, red pepper, and topped with a nutritional yeast "cheez" sauce. rich and yummy. on the side i made up this sauteed red cabbage recipe, it's cooked with dill and paprika and basil and garlic, and i mixed in some dijon mustard and just a hint of maple syrup. oh, and slivers of dried papaya. then over top of that while it was still hot i sprinkled toasted hazelnuts. i ate two huge servings of that cabbage, it was just that good.
chez_margot1:46pm: Long time no eat?
I miss posting here, but food has bumped down a few notches on my priority list lately. I expect a recovery in the not too distant future. Well, let's just say I'm counting on it.

Meanwhile, what I've eaten today?

~2 Rome Beauty apples, hand picked at a U-Pick orchard on Sunday.
~A plate brimming over with Frito corn chips with a side of "Tapatio Queso" = sharp cheddar cheese, heavy cream, melted in the micro and then blended with a generous amount of Tapatio sauce. If you have not tried this sauce (and if you like hotsauce) you MUST! Sooo good.
~Half an avocado between two slices of too soft store bought 9-grain bread.

Tonight may be a repeat of last night, which was a steaming bowl of top ramen. :-(

Could be much worse tho, but looking forward to better eating days soon.

25th September 2005

bunnyhug11:01am: There are few better starts to a day than a nice cup of Oolong tea accompanying a large bowl of youghurt, maple and pecan cereal, fresh british strawberries and kiwi.

4th September 2005

chaosinaskirt7:21pm: today was a particularly inspired day at ye olde house.

for brunch, we had applewood smoked bacon (that my parents had smoked earlier this summer), some chocolate chip pancakes, and a selection of lucious ripe juicy melons (honeydew + cantelope), and a quick strawberry syrup for the sauce.

for dinner, we had smoked pork loin with an ancho rub (though i don't know what kind of wood was in the smoker), chunky applesauce, spicy sauteed garlic green beans, mexican rice (from a mix, though - it was my bro's contribution), and for dessert, a crisp made with white peaches.

we've got a recipe for some homemade ice cream that involves zip lock bags (my parents don't own an ice cream maker). theoretically, we're going to go grab a few peaches and try some homemade peach ice cream this week.

31st August 2005

girl_in_winter4:00pm: Lunch- homemade chicken, lentil and potato soup with a feta,tomato and ham toastie.

26th August 2005

chez_margot1:56pm: Apples and Bread
That's pretty much what I've been eating for the past two days, with a hunk of cheese or a sour dill pickle thrown in here and there. When there are tree fresh apples and Acme Levain Bread in the house, well there isn't much point in making anything else.

However I did make dinner last night, it was a simple-delish.

Grilled boneless pork chops (simply seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil--very good), and sauteed Red Kale with garlic, olive oil salt and lime juice.

25th August 2005

tracijean4:03pm: thursday
Breakfast - 3 cups coffee, whole wheat waffles with raspberry allfruit, 2 fake sausage links, small glass of milk

Lunch - leftover chicken enchiladas with lots of corn & black bean salsa and yellow corn tortilla chips

Afternoon snack - chocolate ice cream

Planned dinner - Gardenburgers on onion rolls with all the trimmings, roasted vegetables

24th August 2005

tracijean8:07pm: I have been neglecting my food-posting here! So sad! Let me get back on track.

Breakfast - 1 large, beautiful peach sliced into a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar, vanilla, and half-and-half; 3 cups coffee

Lunch - leftover veggie lasagna (zucchini, onions & mushrooms, mmm)

Dinner- Green chile chicken enchiladas, spanish rice, corn chips, pink koolaid!
chez_margot1:35pm: Today's eats, before I forget.

Breakfast: 1 complimentary Krispy Kreme donut, Krispy Kreme house coffee w/ cream and extra sugar (always need extra sugar when I have donut w/ my coffee).

Snack: Taste test at Trader Joe's: "vegetarian sausage patty w/ egg and cheese
on an english muffin. (It was so good I had two, and called it a meal.

Lunch: 1/4 loaf levain bread from Trader Joes with a hunk of Medium cheddar cheese, three small apples and two beers.

Mid afternoon snack: To be determined, but probably more apples and pickles.

Dinner: Boneless pork chops (not sure how I'll prepare yet) w/ mostly carrot cole slaw w/ green cabbage and onions. Possibly I'll reheat the left overs from last night's mac n' cheese n' tuna n' peas casserole to fill up the plate, but I'm going to try to avoid it. Maybe I'll make a small potato salad (I have one potato) instead.
m_maedel1:10pm: today i have
drank: a pot of earl grey, 2 cups of orange-lapacho bark tea, ca one liter mineral water

eaten: an english muffin with butter, half of a hand-span sized melon

plan to eat: greek yogurt with a banana and cornflakes for my late lunch, and something tasty from my fave neighborhood restaurant for dinner

23rd August 2005

chez_margot9:52pm: Can't remember what I'm eating, really.

Dinner last night: Chuck eye steaks fried in cast iron & oven roasted potatoes, carrots, garlic garnished with minced parsley. Served with lots of Maille dijon mustard.

Breakfast today: Whole wheat bagel sliced in half broiled with cheddar and mozzerella cheeses.

Snacks: several home grown apples and three pickles.

Dinner: Macaroni shells and cheeses (both powder packet and natural cheeses) with oil packed tuna and frozen green peas. Baked for about 15 minutes after cooking to give it that "casserole" feel.
mintygirl5:54pm: fallen behind
I've fallen behind in my dishing!

Last week, I consumed lots of meat, veggies, rice and sides. My most memorable meal was great Korean BBQ Sunday night at Wharo, a restaurant in Marina del Rey, CA. There was kalbi beef, scallops, shrimp and lots of panchan (kimchi, pickled bean sprouts, spinach, daikon, seaweed, kimchi daikon, fried fish, salad and soup).

Um, okay, let's move on.

Monday lunch: Italian Wedding soup

Monday dinner: fresh corn on the cob, green beans, spareribs, rice and 2 bananas. They were so good that I couldn't eat just one. Fortunately, they were small.

Tuesday lunch: cobb salad with sesame dressing

dinner (planning on): chicken (probably stir-fried with basil and onion), rice and napa cabbage.
zaftigvegan1:02pm: breakfast: a sourdough english muffin with vegan gourmet 'cheese' and vegenaise, watermelon, banana, coffee, coffee, coffee
lunch: chickpea salad on rye crackers, baby carrots, more watermelon
dinner: lentil patties, brown rice, garlic green beans from our garden
chaosinaskirt4:51am: the plan for the week is to use up all of my food as i'm moving on saturday. as i tend to horde food, it's been quite a challenge - i'm only allowing one box + one trader joe's bag of pantry goods to come back, since space is somewhat limited in my tiny little compact and we've got a lovely 2000 mile journey ahead of us.

today's meals:
  • breakfast - i am out of breakfast food, so i'm going to run into einstein bros for bagel and lox. i love how they do it - they dress it up with tomatoes, red onions, capers, and of course some plain cream cheese.
  • lunch - leftover carnitas. this weekend, i took my pork tenderloin, some spices, some tomatoes, some onions, and some tequila and slow roasted it until it was so tender that it pulled apart with a fork. i ate a chunk of it as tacos, and the rest i chucked in some smashed pinto beans and chipotle and cheese and made into ugly looking burritos. tasty, though. i've got 2 more left after today.
  • dinner - blackened salmon. mashed potatoes. i'm thinking of maybe grilling either the melon or some peaches to go with it.

i only have two other meals: rosemary-mint marinaded lamb chops, the rest of the mashed potatoes from tonight (fried) & some of my roommate's asparagus and chicken stuffed perogies, pan fried, with some mushroom gravy, and then i'm tapped out. which is fine, because i was planning on packing my pot and pan thursday night and going out to dinner friday. lunch'll be more of the burritos on wednesday and thursday, and friday my boss is taking me out to lunch since it's my last day.
boyzici11:22am: A couple of guys are coming round for dinner later. One of them has eaten every meal I can cook. So I need some suggestions. I need for you to suggest a dish of the day. I want to steer clear of the following though: stir fries, roasts (our oven goes mental) and simple stuff like salmon, steak and chops. I am a pretty basic cook but am willing to try my hand at a few things. I am also hoping to not spend the entire night in the kitchen, so something low-maintenance would be good.

So umm if you have any cracking ideas then please leave a comment. I'm replying on you guys!
m_maedel9:21am: dinner last night: black bean burritos with cheddar cheese, red onions, tomato, and red pepper. we had a valpolicella (sp?) with our food.

brekkie: earl grey tea and an english muffin with smoked salmon (not lox!!! i finally found the oily, heat smoked salmon i love here in germany), cream cheese, cukes, red onion, tomato, and fresh ground pepper.

22nd August 2005

dragonfly186710:18pm: breakfast--coffee, noodles with cilantro, hot thai pepper, green onion, watercress, basil and a soft-boiled egg.

supper--take out pizza--mushroom and sausage

snack--I made a chicken salad with chopped chicken leftover from making chicken broth, cilantro, ginger, garlic, hot pepper, the juice of one lime, some thai fish sauce and some sweet chili thai sauce, and some cashews. Ate it wrapped in bibb lettuce. It was so good!
zaftigvegan1:42pm: i've been absent! sorry about that! busy!

breakfast: scrambled tofu with all-natural horseradish; great huge chunks of perfect watermelon; coffee, coffee and more coffee
lunch: leftover homemade chinese food: bean curd skin rolls in hoisin and chili sauce, rice vermicelli with curried chinese greens, broccoli and carrots
dinner: chickpeas vindaloo with cauliflower, and spelt chapatis

for snacks i have this tofu jerky stuff (satay flavour), baby carrots, and more watermelon.

oh, and we'll be getting these for dessert:

being vegan gets easier every year.
chatnoire8:21am: Weekend Dining

So, after this summer, I've been eating a lot less, and when I eat, I want salad, and fresh stuff, because that's what I had most of the time. :-) You know what they say, 3 weeks makes a habit...how about 2 months?

So, we went to the grocery yesterday and bought a bunch of fresh veggies, and for dinner made the following:

Salad with blue cheese, garlic toasted almonds, mission figs, cucumbers and sprouts

Grilled salmon, marinated in a tomato, olive oil and orange juice bath

Homemade peach salsa for the salmon

Now, the peach salsa (since I cut it really really chunky and made it full of veggies) actually works as a peach and tomato cold soup/salad thing. :) SO that's my lunch, with leftover salad.

We also ate a papaya with blackberries, and drank a 47 pound rooster cabernet sauvignon.

Current Mood: calm
tesao8:04am: saturday night:

roasted corn spoon bread with black beans
butter lettuces with tomatoes and cucumbers, balsamic vinaigrette

sunday breakfast:

eggs with hats (bread with a hole cut in the middle; spread with butter and then fried in a pan with an egg cracked into the middle and cooked to order; covered with the cut out piece, which has also been fried)

smoked spicy boudin sausages

fresh pineapple

sunday lunch:

left overs from saturday night

sunday night:

roast tenderloin of beef with wasabi butter and pinot noir shallot reduction

brown rice sauteed in wasabi butter and cooked in beef stock

grape tomatoes and garlic roasted in olive oil

steamed asparagus

2000 pedroncelli pinot

snack at some point during the day (mid afternoon): celery sticks spread lightly with organic creamy peanut butter
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