margot (chez_margot) wrote in dish_of_the_day,

Long time no eat?

I miss posting here, but food has bumped down a few notches on my priority list lately. I expect a recovery in the not too distant future. Well, let's just say I'm counting on it.

Meanwhile, what I've eaten today?

~2 Rome Beauty apples, hand picked at a U-Pick orchard on Sunday.
~A plate brimming over with Frito corn chips with a side of "Tapatio Queso" = sharp cheddar cheese, heavy cream, melted in the micro and then blended with a generous amount of Tapatio sauce. If you have not tried this sauce (and if you like hotsauce) you MUST! Sooo good.
~Half an avocado between two slices of too soft store bought 9-grain bread.

Tonight may be a repeat of last night, which was a steaming bowl of top ramen. :-(

Could be much worse tho, but looking forward to better eating days soon.
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i insist you eat something green.
But wait, I had two apples and half an avocado, don't those count as green things? Sadly, that WAS actually a green day by my current eating standards. :-/

Tonight I will (sort of) make up for it with a salad of:

Romaine lettuce leaves
"grape" tomatoes
slivered purple cabbage
raw broccoli florettes
crumbled blue cheese with Red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing.

I love green food, but I don't make it a lot because I'm the only one who will eat it in my household.
hm, i meant more leafy greens.
i have read the salad ingredients and i approve.