The Minty (mintygirl) wrote in dish_of_the_day,
The Minty

fallen behind

I've fallen behind in my dishing!

Last week, I consumed lots of meat, veggies, rice and sides. My most memorable meal was great Korean BBQ Sunday night at Wharo, a restaurant in Marina del Rey, CA. There was kalbi beef, scallops, shrimp and lots of panchan (kimchi, pickled bean sprouts, spinach, daikon, seaweed, kimchi daikon, fried fish, salad and soup).

Um, okay, let's move on.

Monday lunch: Italian Wedding soup

Monday dinner: fresh corn on the cob, green beans, spareribs, rice and 2 bananas. They were so good that I couldn't eat just one. Fortunately, they were small.

Tuesday lunch: cobb salad with sesame dressing

dinner (planning on): chicken (probably stir-fried with basil and onion), rice and napa cabbage.
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